Get to know us & our story

Curled Ice Cream is a 100% Darwin developed, owned and operated business. We (Craig and Darlene Finck) created Curled Ice Cream in September 2016 after coming across the Thai Rolled Ice Cream machine whilst on holiday in Malaysia.

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We quickly grasped that making ice cream this way was fun and generated a great deal of excitement and interest, but we had to create our own ice cream recipe. The ice cream we had tasted in Malaysia was not of a high quality. It had been made of milk and soft serve mix.

We decided that we wanted to create ice cream that was not only amazing but also made of natural products – real food. After considerable time and effort, we finally cracked the perfect recipe. It was deliciously creamy, tasted divine and rolled well on the cold plate.

With the enthusiastic help of our sons we went on to create our ten core Curled flavours:

Raspberry, Mango Madness, Mint Condition, Milo Magic, Nutter Butter, Coffee Chilled, Salted Caramel, Double Choc, Oreogami and Choconana.

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The Market scene in Darwin is vibrant and innovative and we started our Market journey at Rapid Creek Markets. We were green but with the help of the other wonderful stall holders we soon found our feet. We moved on to other Markets and later even became part of the Malak Marketplace.

We quickly built up a loyal following and went on to open a shop. Our timing was not great due to several factors and we closed the shop after ten months. Our markets, roadside stops, pop-ups, and special events, however, continued to build in regularity and popularity. We love to keep things new and exciting, so we regularly create delicious and fun flavour specials. Cold Brew Coffee Curls, Rocky Road Curls, Lemon Cheesecake Curls, Rum’n’Raisin Curls, Maple Bacon Curls, Macadamia and White Chocolate Curls, Crunchie Curls, Ferrero Rocher Curls and Tim Tam Curls are just a few of the scrumptious specials we have created. Our customers love that we take on board their requests and we love to indulge our creativity developing new flavour profiles.

We are now offering our fabulous ice cream at private events. With the machines that we have we have the flexibility to bring our trailer to an event or a double machine with two operators or even one machine with a single operator. This gives us the flexibility to operate at indoor events and homes/units. The ability to provide Curled for private events prompted us to experiment further. Curled now boasts a fun range of alcoholic flavours that can be arranged for private events.

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Whilst building our second trailer we were approached by a couple of parties interested in the possibility of taking on Curled Trailers of their own in other parts of the country. This prompted us to start on our newest Curled innovation – franchising. We love our ice cream and are immensely proud of it. There is only one thing more satisfying than creating one of our Curled Ice Creams and presenting it to one of our smiling, expectant customers. That is when they drop by on their way back after finishing their Curled creation to tell us how good it was.