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Thank you for your interest in the Curled franchise and the exciting business opportunity it presents. This information is designed to give you a better understanding of a Curled franchise and whether you fit the profile required to run a successful Curled business.

Curled Franchising

Curled is in one of the most exciting, largest, and fastest growing sectors of the food industry today. Look around. There are events and markets popping up everywhere selling new and innovative food and drink. Curled produces a high-quality artisan ice cream using techniques that are at the forefront of innovation. Curled also has proven, comprehensive systems, policies and training packages that cover all areas of the business.

Curled Customers Que

As a Curled franchise owner, you will be able to offer your customers ice cream that truly stands out in the industry. Your customers will love the unique way their ice creams are produced as well as the deliciously creamy taste of the ice cream itself.  This combination will have customers queuing for your Curls and returning again and again.

Curled has been highly recognised by markets, community groups and its customers. Curled has also received people choice awards and best stall holder awards from markets. This recognition has resulted in a steady stream of requests for Curled’s attendance at a wide range of events, locations, and private functions, thus creating many new income streams.

Curled awards
Malak Marketplace Award
Curled recognition
Curled Awards Markets
Curled Marketing
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Curled Malak Marketplace
The Top Ender Curled
Curled Top Ender
The best ice cream in Darwin
Cold Plate Ice Cream
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Curled Trailers Darwin

The custom-built Curled trailers and cold plates give you the ability to trade at a broad range of events and locations. The trailer's design, size and manageability allow easy set up and pack up in a variety of different locations with ease. The trailer’s draw bar is removable, allowing it to fit in a 3m x 3m square. Three by three is the size of a site often allocated by markets and events for stallholders. Any additional size will generally attract an additional site fees.  


The trailer is wrapped with bright graphics that work as constant advertising as the trailer is moving between events. These graphics become Menu displays when the trailer is opened on site.

Clean Kitchen Ice Cream

The Curled trailers and cold plates are custom purpose built by Curled.  Production efficiency and ergonomics were key features factored into the design of the plates and trailers making them tailored made for Curled. The Curled Ice Cream Artisans have everything they need at their fingertips without having to move from their station. The trailer design enhances efficiency and increases the potential production rate. An additional design emphasis was put on the ease of operation when mobilizing and demobilizing trailers.

Cullen Bay Ice Cream

A Curled trailer gives the Curled franchisee the ability to trade at a huge number of locations including:

  • Weekly Markets

  • Seasonal Markets

  • Shows

  • School Fetes

  • Agricultural Shows

  • Trade Shows

  • Music Festivals

  • Open Days

  • Corporate Bookings

  • Weddings

  • Movie Nights, and Concerts

  • Birthday Celebrations

  • Roadside Stops

  • Festivals

  • Nightclubs

  • Sporting Events

  • Shopping Centre Pop-ups

  • Swimming Pools

  • Council appointed Food Truck Locations

  • National Parks allocated Locations

  • and many more​

Some of the many benefits of a Curled franchise are:

  • You do not pay dead commercial rent.

  • You are not paying for a storefront that may not always have the passing foot traffic that you need.

  • You are not forced to open at times and days that don’t fit the businesses profile. 

  • You are mobile and can place your business where the customers are.

Curled provides a comprehensive training program plus the tools and equipment necessary to run a successful business. The work is simple to do. There are no special skills required, it is easy to learn and can be very profitable. Curled’s systems and training program are designed to give people the skills and training they need to be owner operators of their own successful business. You do not need previous experience, special knowledge or qualifications to start.

Curled Training

The Curled Franchise training package has been developed to cover everything from how many pretzels you need for a Salted Caramel Curled ice cream to business operations. The package is designed to take both franchisees and staff through all the training required to run a Curled business. The training package has six levels.

The levels are:

Level ​1 Ice Cream Artisan

Level 2 Shift Supervisor

Level 3 Trailer Operator

Level 4 Kitchen Operations

Level 5 Business Operation

Level 6 Franchise Operation


Each level has been designed around a position description. Franchisees will be trained in all levels. Franchisees will then use parts of the training package to train their staff.

Level 1 is quite simple enabling junior staff to work through it easily. Each proceeding level increases in complexity.

The training package for franchisees consists of a two-week program in Darwin and one week of onsite training at the franchisee's location. On-site training will include guidance with your launch, operating your franchise and assistance finding new potential trading locations.


Oh yes, you will also get to eat lots of ice cream 😊

For research and quality control of course!

Curled Cold Brew Coffee

You can work around your life and family commitments and find a true work / life balance. It is possible to enjoy a wonderful lifestyle whilst earning a healthy income.

Curled Franchisee

You may ask yourself, 

‘Why don’t I just start this up for myself’?


Since 2016 Curled has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars setting up the business to what you see today. There have been thousands of hours invested in developing and constructing our trailers, systems, manuals, and training programs. We have developed operational templates and worked with software programs integrating POS systems, bookkeeping, and accounting systems. We have also invested both time and money into developing logos, graphics, websites, social media sites, and building the social media following we currently enjoy. Building our reputation as one of the highest quality ice creams available has taken huge dedication and diligence.

We have made mistakes along the way, spent good money on things we later realised we did not need and sought advice from people who charged a fortune for inadequate or incorrect information. There have been sleepless nights, and countless days working and problem solving. It has taken all these experiences to shape the Curled you see today.

As a Curled franchisee you will be able to start operating your business on completion of training using a system that has been tested and proven. You will be trained in what to do and what not to do. You will also have the benefit of all the knowledge gathered from the Curled journey to date. The Curled team will be standing behind you to support you in the building of your own business.

There are many competitors in the market that all want a piece of the action. Ensuring you stand out is essential to gaining market share and maintaining it. A Curled Franchise has many key advantages that makes it stand out above the rest of the market.

The Show - A Curled franchise offers customers a unique ice cream experience with cold plates that attracts customers to ‘see the show’. Our ice cream artisans wield their ice cream paddles and roll the Curls with flourish and pace. It is so satisfying to watch!

Rolled ice cream
Franchise trailers

Mobility – Many of our competitors are based in fixed locations and are unable to follow the crowds. A Curled franchise can locate itself to where the people are attending events and festivals as they arise. 

Quality Curled ice cream is made from real cream and milk. It really is the creamiest, most satisfying ice cream that customers have experienced! This combined with our home-made fudges and carefully selected ingredients makes the freshest and best experiences an ice cream connoisseur could ask for.

Ice cream mix

Low Wastage – Food businesses can often be risky prospects due to food wastage costs. Curled has very limited wastage. This is due to the Curled ice cream mix and fudges being batched as they are required. The resulting batches have use by dates only regulated by the use by dates of the cream and milks used in the batch. The Curled Ice Cream Mix is kept constantly refrigerated so if it is not consumed at an event, it can simply be kept and taken to the next event.

If you do well – we do well! It is in our interest to ensure that your franchise is a success, that it is sustainable, and that you are making the income that you want.

If you are ready to work for yourself and reap the benefits from your hard work, we have everything in place ready for you to start!

A Curled franchise is not a part time hobby. Curled will require your full attention to be successful. We do not guarantee any earnings for franchisees. Your earning potential is in direct correlation with your own efforts and the locations you trade.

happy franchisee's

What Curled is Looking for in a Franchisee?

Being a Curled Franchise will become a big part of your life and lifestyle. Your Curled lifestyle may take you out of traffic jams and see you living a life filled with markets, festivals and events. You will find your workplace is in places that others only go for recreation. As you will be your own boss you won’t have someone telling you what to do or when to do it. This can be totally liberating but it will still take a special type of person with commitment, dedication and the ability to manage themselves to truly succeed in the Curled business.

Are You Ready to be a Curled Franchise Owner? 

If you are interested in owning a Curled franchise complete the form below and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. We would love for you to join the team!

Creamest Ice Cream in Australia
Best Ice Cream in Australia
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